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Live photo of Meantime opening for Gang of Four at the UCD Coffeehouse - 1981 - Photo by Liam O'Brien

Live Meantime photos by Robert Toren - 1980 - Palms Playhouse - Davis, CA

1981 - MEANTIME - EP - (Inbetween Records) - Two for One (Tolman)/She's So Wild (Gates/O'Brien)/Sex Fit (O'Brien). "Two for One" produced by David Gates of BREAD!!! A band formed by Sean O'Brien and Russ Tolman. Later this band became TRUE WEST. See Russ Tolman's page in the LINKS section for more TRUE WEST band history. Vinyl only release. For more information and personnel for this release, please see this link.

1981 - TRUE WEST - Band Photo by Teri Bolin

1987 - GERM'S CHOICE - (Germ Records 001) - "Close to His Kids" - DENIM TV. A compilation assembled by KUSF DJ Jim "The Germ" Smith in San Francisco; which featured Bay Area groups like PRIMUS, ESKIMO, and MONKS OF DOOM. This track later appeared on DENIM TV'S debut album. Vinyl only release.

1988 - DENIM TV - DENIM TV - (Peligro Records 001)- Side 1 - Mr. Adult/When You Kill That Cow/Finger Inside/OK Man I Will/Trouble Remembering/In the Bag - Side 2 - Can't Play Guitar/What You Spend/When We Do/Need It to Sleep/History Page/Close to His Kids. Produced by Matt Wallace and DENIM TV.

To read some archived reviews/live reports on DENIM TV, click DENIM TV PRESS.

1990 - STARVING RICH - DENIM TV - (Peligro Records 002) - Side 1 - Burning Bush/Bad Bus Ride/Purple and White/Embers/I'll Think of a Good One/We Capture - Side 2 - It's A Privilege/Dream Beach/All There for Me/Two Flies/Do the Same/Begging for Change. Produced by DENIM TV with Malcolm Fife.

Denim TV LPs now available on Itunes!!!

The Denim TV MySpace site is Here .

1991 - PRIAPIC SPIGOT, VOL. 1. - SUCTORIAN VENT - (Kobayashi Records) - "Didinium". A collaboration with Steve Steere of the Los Angeles based group TINTAMARRE. Sean sings backing vocals on this track. A cassette only compilation release.

1993 - SANTA FE - THE MISTAKEN - (Triple X Records 51126-2). Pale White Surfer/Medication/Santa Fe/4ST/My Black Dog/The Kingdom of My Mind/Another Lost Heartache/Tombstone/This House Is Not My Home/Black Sheep (SRC)/Nowhere Around/Sure It's Good/Venus in Furs (Lou Reed)/Lost. A collaboration with the ANGRY SAMOANS' Gregg Turner, Sean plays guitar and sings backing vocals. Features only one O'Brien original, "Sure It's Good". The remainder are Turner's tunes. Sean also co-wrote the opening instrumental, "Pale White Surfer". Produced by Bill Inglot. CD only release. To order a copy, contact Triple X Records or try this emusic link


If all you know about this record is that leader Gregg Turner was in the Angry Samoans, you are probably going to be shocked when you hear it. Turner and the band created a marvelous meld of retro garage-psych and art pop, with oddly na´ve lyrics set to occasionally sloppy but often endearing music. Songs like "Medication" and "Kingdom of My Mind" have an enjoyable '60s vibe and boast some pretty tight guitar work, while the title cut shows that Turner can craft a fine piece of melancholy pop. The relaxed atmosphere is all the stranger for the company Turner was keeping -- Polly Klemmer of Pompeii 99 and the original Christian Death plays keyboards and sings an ethereal lead vocal on "Lost." There are some interesting cameo experiences, such as a vocal intro from rock critic Natalie Nichols on the intro to the cover of the Velvet Underground's "Venus in Furs." It's a good rendition, lower-key than the original but still intense. Not everything on Santa Fe works as well, but there are enough tracks that do to make this album worth seeking out for fans of eclectic '60s revisionism. ~ Richard Foss, All Music Guide

1999 - 12 - THE MARIETTAS - (First Cold Press - FCP 001). Pull An Elvis/Crime Spree/Sexcon/Tide of Chaos/A Day Without Worry/Observed/Weaving Down the Street/The Darkest Girl/Big Kindness/The Wheel/Katie Wore the Patches Low/On Display/Pure Substance/Crash/Cactus Embrace. Released 9/21/99. Produced by Eric Westfall and the Mariettas.

The Mariettas TV MySpace site is Here .


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1999 - BLOOD DRAINED COWS - BLOOD DRAINED COWS - (Triple X Records 51259-2). Gregg Turner's post-Angry Samoans/Mistaken band. First album features a new recording of the instrumental, "Pale White Surfer", co-written by Sean, which also appeared on Sante Fe, by the Mistaken. To order a copy, go to this link.

2002 - CLEARINGHOUSE - TOM HOFER - (Pungent Records PRML-101). The Web/Prisoner of Lace/Obsession/Baby Truce/John Milton/Meteor/Drone/Warm Hands, Cold Heart/What Kind of Woman is This, Man?/Why'd You Break My Heart Again?/ Forever and A Day/Karen Says/Lullabayou/Low Rain. Tom Hofer is a former member of COTTONMOUTH (an early version of THE MARIETTAS), THE LEAVING TRAINS, and brother to Manfred Hofer. Sean plays guitar on one track "Meteor". Manfred Hofer plays guitar on "Meteor" and "Prisoner of Lace". To order a copy, please contact PUNGENT RECORDS.

2003 - HOME RUNS - Songs That Will Take You All The Way - Volume II - (Sound Asleep Records). This Swedish label released a twenty song compliation of North American pop from 1975-1985, featuring "Two For One" by MEANTIME (see above). Other groups on the compliation include The Rubinoos and Beat Rodeo. For more information, contact Sound Asleep Records.

2004 - TOO PERSONAL - SEAN O'BRIEN - (First Cold Press FCP 002). Here to Serve/Free of Deceit/Their Home Life/Pro-Choice/Possum Ate The Cat Food/I Married Myself (and you)/Amoral Stars/Damned Either Way/ No. 1 Grandson/The Hatred Shop/The Answer Is In/Flag and Rifle/Sure It's Good/Owes You Nothing. Sean's first solo album. Guest artists are: Polly Klemmer of THE MISTAKEN on piano (tracks 4 & 9), and TRUE WEST guitarist/vocalist Russ Tolman on guitar (track 11). Copies available through First Cold Press.


Download the album in Itunes now! Sean O'Brien - Too Personal

2005 - DENIM TV - Denim TV (Expanded & Remastered) - with Bonus Tracks previously unreleased. Internet only release.

1. Mr. Adult
2. When You Kill That Cow
3. Finger Inside
4. OK Man I Will
5. Trouble Remembering
6. In the Bag
7. Can't Play Guitar
8. What You Spend
9. When We Do
10. Need It To Sleep
11. History Page
12. Close to His Kids
Bonus tracks: (previously unreleased)

13. Two Flies (alternate version)
14. Drive Me Down
15. Days Remaining (Calendar)
16. (I'll Get) Coverage
17. Fire (Jimi Hendrix)
18. Find the Secret
19. I Still Miss Someone (Johnny Cash)
20. Beggin for Change (alternate version)
21. Looks Like Fun
22. The Right Hand Man
23. Boredom Box (Live)


2005 - STARVING RICH - DENIM TV - (Expanded & Remastered) - with Bonus Tracks previously unreleased. Internet only release.

1. Burning Bush
2. Bad Bus Ride
3. Purple and White
4. Embers
5. I'll Think of a Good One
6. We Capture
7. It's a Privilege
8. Dream Beach
9. All There for Me
10. Two Flies
11. Do the Same
12. Begging for Change

Bonus tracks: (previously unreleased)

13. I'll Think of a Good One (Acoustic)
14. Wish for a Lot (Demo)
15. We Capture (Demo)
16. Never Died (Demo)

2006 - SEED OF MAYHEM - SEAN O'BRIEN- (First Cold Press FCP 005). This Could Hurt/Stumblebum/7.5/The Bottom of The Toy Box/Damned Either Way (electric)/Tranny Ignored/Dough See Dough/Possum Ate The Cat Food (another meal)/Eyewear/Torn Sweater/The Good Fight/She Wonders/Cleaner That Way/A Bee's Tale. Guest artists include: Russ Tolman; Max Butler; Doyle Dean and Manfred and Tom Hofer. Produced by Sean O'Brien and Matt Boudreau. SEED OF MAYHEM was chosen as #1 album of the year for 2007 by Johanna Bodde a.k.a. RADIOGIRL on Radio Winschoten, The Netherlands - (

Download an mp3 of "The Good Fight".

Sean O'Brien's new CD "Seed of Mayhem" now on iTunes. Sean O'Brien - Seed Of Mayhem

2006 - INTERNATIONAL POP OVERTHROW (VOLUME 9) (Not Lame Records NL-122). This 3 CD compilation features bands featured in the 2006 International Pop Overthrow festivals. Sean O'Brien's "Learned At Your Knee" appears on the third CD. This track is the sole outtake from the Seed of Mayhem sessions and features Manfed and Tom Hofer and Doyle Dean. Sean O'Brien and His Dirty Hands appeared at the 2006 IPO Festival in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Produced by Sean O'Brien and Matt Boudreau.To purchase a copy, please click on this link.

2007 - HOLLYWOOD HOLIDAY REVISITED - TRUE WEST (Atavistic - ALP179CD). This compilation features the bands' first two LPs, combined with some demos recorded with Tom Verlaine of Television. While Sean does not appear on any of these tracks, he is mentioned in the liner notes, which were written by the well respected rock scribe Jud Cost and Russ Tolman, and outline the bands' history from The Meantime through the beginnings of True West, when Sean was lead vocalist and songwriter. Big thanks to the esteemed Mr. Cost! To purchase a copy, go to this link.

2008 - GOODBYE GAME - SEAN O'BRIEN AND HIS DIRTY HANDS- (First Cold Press FCP 006). Take Your Pills/Warm and Sane/Aftermath Fears/Bones Snap/All That I Don't Know/Hope Fill Up/Get Over Tunis/Home to Penelope/New Home Tonight/Walk There Too/Bad Faith/Goodbye Game. The Dirty Hands are: Bill Davis: Bass, Vocals; Jeff Kane: Guitars, Vocals; and Matt Shelley: Drums, Percussion. Guest Artists: Max Butler; Doyle Dean, Tom Hofer, Ihor Pacholuk, Chris Von Sneidern, Sylvia Juncosa, Julie Wolf, Eric Xodik. Produced by Matt Boudreau and The Dirty Hands.


SEED OF MAYHEM was voted #1 by Johanna Bodde of the Insurgent Country website in the Netherlands for 2007!

The CD also received airplay on Genya Ravan's "Goldie's Garage" Sirius radio program, as part of Little Steven's Underground Garage.

The Mariettas' "Cactus Embrace" was voted Punk/Emo/Ska Song of the Year in 2006! Also reached No.1 in the KIAC Big 50! Thanks to internet radio station Independent Artists Company at this link.

DENIM TV'S Starving Rich broke the CMJ Top 100 Chart List during its initial weeks of release.

DENIM TV completed a national tour in support of its second album in the spring of 1990. The group played twenty-three shows on a six-week tour.

THE MISTAKEN's album made the Top thirty in radio airplay charts in Holland upon release.

SEED OF MAYHEM was chosen as #1 album of the year for 2007 by Johanna Bodde a.k.a. RADIOGIRL on Radio Winschoten, The Netherlands - link.

GIGOGRAPHY - Sean O'Brien and His Dirty Hands

June 17, 2005 - 12 Galaxies - San Francisco (opening for The Leaving Trains)
August 6, 2006 - The Joint - Los Angeles (International Pop Overthrow Festival)
August 21, 2006 - Red Devil Lounge - San Franscisco (International Pop Overthrow Festival)
September 18, 2006 - KDVS - Davis, CA - Live radio solo acoustic performance
October 7, 2006 - Thee Parkside - San Francisco
October 27, 2006 - Kimo's - San Francisco
December 16, 2006 - Fox & Goose - Sacramento
January 7, 2007 - Thee Parkside - San Francisco
January 11, 2007 - Marilyn's on K - Sacramento
February 2, 2007 - Rockit Room - San Francisco - Emergenza Music Festival
February 23, 2007 - Stork Club - Oakland
February 24, 2007 - Old Ironsides - Sacramento - Solo set
March 11, 2007 - Thee Parkside - San Francisco
March 31, 2007 - Rockit Room - San Francisco - Emergenza Music Festival
May 19, 2007 - Mr. T's Bowl - Los Angeles, CA
May 31, 2007 - 12 Galaxies - San Francisco, CA - Emergenza Music Festival
June 30, 2007 - Mr. T's Bowl - Los Angeles, CA
August 5, 2007 - The Joint - Los Angeles (International Pop Overthrow Festival)
August 20, 2007 - Red Devil Lounge - San Franscisco (International Pop Overthrow Festival)
October 21, 2007 - Thee Parkside - San Francisco
November 2, 2007 - Fat City - San Francisco - Mabuhay Records Record Release party
November 16, 2007 - Cool Cat Art Gallery - Sacramento, CA - Solo set
December 31, 2007 - Rockit Room - San Francisco
January 22, 2008 - Annie's Social Club - San Francisco
May 10, 2008 - The Plough and The Stars - San Francisco
May 31, 2008 - Grungefest - Pine Street Bar - Livermore
June 13, 2008 - An Evening of Song - Noe Valley Ministry - San Francisco - Sean solo
July 5, 2008 - The Plough and The Stars - San Francisco
July 19, 2008 - Goodbye Game Record Release Party - Finnish Hall - Berkeley
August 13, 2008 - Rockit Room - San Franscisco (International Pop Overthrow Festival)